1. FTP / SSH operations

  • Copy files from ftp / ssh server to another(s) ftp / ssh server(s)
  • Download folders / files from ftp / ssh server and store it on your server via CURL
  • Get *.zip dump of selected tree by email
  • Clean any destination folder(s) by schedule

2. SQL operations

  • Copy data from sql server(s) to another(s) sql server(s)
  • Run custom queries on any numbers of servers
  • Create sql dump and get it via CURL or email (put it into *.zip optionally)
  • Make "find => replace" procedure on any numbers of servers

3. Shell operations

  • Run any commands on your server(s) and get results by email

Common possibilities

  • FTP / SQL / Shell operations on your servers
  • Save recently used connections
  • Combine tasks into templates
  • Schedule single tasks or templates for running


  • Copying and regular updating of your projects
  • Online deploy on a schedule
  • SQL "outsource" replication
  • Dumping remote files or databases

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