Localization + SSL

We have added localization (use russian language, if needed). Also, HTTPS is now primary and single.



History section was updated (pagination added). Queue section was added - current user's queue.


New features

In addition to FTP added other protocols and methods - SQL, Shell. Different types of operations are also added.

User private area, saving tasks, templates, schedule, history.


Improve the speed!

We increased the speed of FTP-connections and copying. Do it 5 times faster!

Also, small fixes and features, such as 'swap connections'.


Starting the project

Hello, world! We are now starting the project ftp2ftp.ru, which allows you to simply copy folders / files from one FTP to another.

Extended privacy information could be found on our Terms and conditions and Privacy policy pages, but in general - we do not store your passwords, but we just make our job bestly!